The primary element is known as narrativium, the elemental substance of Story. Nothing on the Disc can exist without a Story first existing to mould its destiny and determine its form.
-- paraphrased from Wikipedia's Discworld entry
Ross O'Brien
Also known as Ross O'Brien
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About this website

This is my website. Here, in my obscure, little-known, secluded area of the world wide wibble, I hope to present a little of who I am and what I can do.

As time allows, I intend to ransack my computer for things I've written over the years, stories or other things, and put them up on the wibble so other people can see them, because I think I've done a few neat things in my time, and I'm hoping you think so too. That applies even if you don't think they're any good - in some cases, I don't think they're any good. The point is, they're finished. Done. I did these things, and this is a sort of hall of achievement rather than a gallery of art.

I figure I'll also take some time to write a commentary for each piece, sometimes to explain what I was intending, and sometimes to remind myself of what inspired me. It might be interesting.

So, if it turns out you decided to actually look at something I did, and you'd like to express your opinion to me, you may email me.

Right then. That's this website's purpose done with... on with the content. Enjoy!


All stories are in MS Word .doc format or .pdf format, soon to be all .pdf format; Acrobat Reader link to follow

Legends Never Die : short story, 1999.

Next to the Custard : novel, 2002-2003, co-written with Matthew Walton. Published by the H2G2 Post, an online newsletter. (Warning: 134 page PDF document!)

Inspiration Grows from the Barrel of a Gun : short story, 2005, set in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe (and therefore, their copyright). Previously posted on the Black Library Fan-fiction forums.


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