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2010 draws to a close.

I got published. I saw my first copy of Death and Dishonour just after last New Year, because one of the guys at my local GW bought it as soon as it arrived in store (four weeks before release date, bless him) and asked me to sign it. I got reviewed in a number of places. Someone somewhere thought it was their favourite story in the anthology; someone else thought the whole anthology was strong but didn’t find mine as noteworthy as others.

One of my best mates, Sarah Cawkwell, got published, and will be published again in due course when her first novel comes out next year. She, too, got her first taste of reviews about her own work by people who’ve never met her and maybe never will.

Warhammer got a new edition. Opinion divides again; the game encourages players to weigh the odds and move their troops into battle rather than prowling around each other for four turns waiting for an opening; everything’s a lot more powerful, but a mite less predictable. I’ve embraced it; the game’s more fun. Others have taken the opportunity to not buy the latest rulebook, and leave it behind. I haven’t played a game against one of my best mates in six months.

Ultramarines the movie came out. Years of discussions on internet forums exist where people assert that live action or CGI or this actor or that writer would be best, and what story might be best adapted for the medium. I remained of the opinion that the story should be welcoming to people who’ve never encountered the Warhammer 40,000 universe before, and Games Workshop should naturally focus on their most iconic forces – Space Marines and Chaos. The story was not a surprise in this regard. This isn’t the place for a review, but the fans who expected a story with lots of subtle nods to the extended universe were, I think, deluding themselves.

The latest incarnation of the Doctor, played by Matt Smith, hit the screens. Some liked him, some didn’t; I do. Not only the character, but the direction the producers have taken to make the show a bit more magical, a bit less domestic and with a bit more time travel, because that’s always more fun. But I’m aware it’s all a matter of taste. For some reason another TV show got higher ratings on Christmas Day, and for the life of my or my family we can’t figure out how it gets any viewers at all; it’s always so miserable when I’ve seen it.

Oh, and we got a new Prime Minister in Britain. I think it was Nick Clegg who won it; certainly he’s the one all the papers seem to be focusing on for breaking campaign promises. But then, the papers are all a bit miserable too.

I try – and some things make it easier than others – I try not to let my expectations decide what things are. Sometimes that spoils things. So here, at the end of the year and looking to the next, wondering what 2011 will bring… I find I’m not expecting much. Just hoping that greater understandings will come and life will move forward in interesting ways.

Come on 2011. Show me what I’ve got.

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  1. zAngle
    January 3rd, 2011 at 04:54 | #1

    First off, Congrats on getting published which is never to be under-congratulated in my humble opinion. Second, a little off topic, but, I was reading the reviews you posted that your short story got in Death & Dishonour and felt that they were off. The Last Ride of Heiner Rothstein is a great piece of fiction. Nice post and good luck in your work for 2011.